Mission & Vission

ESAR Group of Institutions

For a country of India’s size with such a huge youth and women population providing ‘demonstrable’ and ‘employable skills’ has become critically important. Textile and Apparel Sectors being spread far and wide in the country not only provide wage and self-employment to millions of people but has the capacity to transform rural economy if properly linked.

The ESAR is the single largest vocational training provider for the educational sector in the country and probably the single largest training provider for any vocational trade in India and the single largest beneficiary no Nodal Agency for implementation of the Government’s Skill Development scheme.

ESAR’s Vision is encapsulated in “imparting Skills and Improving Lives” and its mission is to train skilled workforce for the rapidly growing export and domestic sectors of the apparel industry and upgrade the technical skills to improve quality productivity and efficiency in a global context.

  1. 1. Provide skilled manpower to the industry in order to improve the technical edge in manufacturing as per international parameters. Generate employment opportunities for weaker sections of the society b providing them training in the field of apparel making and allied areas upgrade the technical skills to improve quality, productivity, efficiency level of the industry.
  2. 2. Planning, designing, executing and pursuing long-term policies for vocational training of women in areas having wage/self-employability. Thereby increasing women’s participation in economic & social development of the country;
  3. 3. Drawing plans and schemes for promoting participation of women in vocational training;
  4. 4. Identification of vocational skill training areas;